Our new Studio "D" combines the best analog
and digital equipment, and has been designed to
accommodate the growing needs of today's music industry.

The room begins with my own custom 12 channel
vacuum tube console, designed and built in 1970.
Each channel is transformer coupled class A,
with a switchable Pultec type 3-band equalizer.
It has served us well for all of these years
with its unique vacuum tube warmth, and was
featured at the AES Convention in the exhibit
"When Vinyl Ruled".

For mixing and tape transfers, we have vacuum
tube Studer tape recorders that were salvaged
from the basement of Abbey Road Studios. I rebuilt
them as 15/30 IPS machines, and converted them from
1/4" to 1/2" tape. They are truly unique.

We have added my full scale ORIGINAL MOOG
MODULAR SYNTHESIZER (one of the first ever produced).
This is the original MOOG SYNTHESIZER, complete with
two keyboards and a ribbon controller.
The room also features some of the
best keyboards from the past and present,
as well as two MOOG Theremins.

From the present century, we have equipped the room
with a Pro Tools HD system, as well as Logic Studio.
These may be interfaced with our midi controller, should
you need to make use of any virtual instruments.

SEAR SOUND has combined the best of two very different
worlds, enabling you to bring warmth back into the digital
domain. STUDIO "D" provides a reasonably priced mix, edit,
and overdub facility, and will help you achieve the best
possible recorded sound.

-Walter Sear