Since 1963, we have seen many trends come and go. However, there is an underlying standard upon which all of the ‘golden ears’ agree – there is ‘good’ sound and there is ‘bad’ sound. We have attempted to extract the best elements from each era and to make them available in our studios.


Our primary goal is to capture that spark that occurs in live performance and to transfer this to the recording medium. The ambience, the ‘feel’ of the studio is the most critical element. It isn’t equipment but it is the feeling that is imparted by our staff.


Microphones are the most important element of the recording chain. If the microphone does not capture the sound and musicality of a performance, no amount of outboard equipment can retrieve it. We can offer a selection of over 275 microphones (the number keeps growing), many vintage, many vacuum tube, and many specially designed and built exclusively for us.


Much of our outboard equipment spans the ages. In our racks, you may find a modern state of the art piece of gear next to something that is 45 years old. To qualify, they must have a certain fidelity and musicality.

SEAR SOUND is not a corporation. We do not provide a corporate environment. Our approach is that each client has his own individual needs and that we must supply a unique service that best fulfils those needs.

We are a studio that has the reputation of being fanatical about good sound. Our staff is dedicated, well trained and enthusiastic. Our assistant engineers are all qualified engineers and they understand what our visiting engineers need. Our studio is well maintained and our customers (many of which have been coming back for 30 years), appreciate how much they can get done within a given time. Everything on the equipment and mic lists is included in the price of the studios.


In a time of faster, smaller, cheaper, poorer quality, SEAR SOUND strives to maintain integrity and good workmanship. Sound recording is a blend of technology and art. We attempt to provide a totally unique sound and recording experience by blending the musicality of our staff with the best of old and new technology.


Walter E. Sear