How To Book


This is a simple guide to the booking procedures at SEAR SOUND.


1) Determine the dates that you will need.


2) Call Roberta, the studio manager, at 212-582-5380 to see if the dates are open and available.


3) If available, please determine if you want to make a FIRM booking, or whether you wish to put the date on HOLD.


4) HOLD means that the dates will not be given to another client before you are called to either CONFIRM the dates or release the dates.


5) You will be asked what type of session you are booking and the number of musicians.


6) There are two live rooms. Studio “A” on the 6th floor with a classic NEVE console and Studio “C”, a larger room with a custom 60 input Sear Console


7) Discuss the rates for each room. Please keep in mind that all of the equipment listed for the respective rooms is included in the rental for the room. There are NO rental fees for the equipment listed for each studio. Equipment listed for the unbooked studio can be made available at our discretion, if it is not being used by the other studio.


8) Our payment terms are 30 days to qualified clients.


9) You will be asked if you have your own engineer or whether you wish to use our highly qualified ‘house’ engineer. There is an additional fee if you choose to use our ‘house’ engineer. An assistant engineer is provided without additional charge. A second assistant is also provided when necessary.


10) Prior to the actual date, you will be contacted by the studio manager, or you should contact us, concerning the actual preparations for the session. You will be asked if you will be using a piano, and whether you want it tuned. We have a Steinway ‘C’, 7‘ 3“ in Studio ‘A’ and a Steinway ‘D’, 9‘ Concert Grand, in Studio “C”. There is an additional charge for tuning of the pianos or any of the other keyboard instruments which might require tuning for your session.


11) You will be asked what recording medium you will be using, tape or digital. You may supply this yourself or the Studio can supply this.


12) You will be asked to have your engineer contact our assistants as far as placement of instruments and the selection of microphones. You should also speak to our assistant if there are any special requirements that you have. Floor Plans of each studio are available on this web site. There are also equipment and microphone lists.


13) You will be asked about food services. As a courtesy, the Studio can order food but you must determine who you want to feed and let us know. The Studio has menu books covering most types of restaurants.


14) If the food charges are more than $250.00, the Studio will add a service charge of 15% to cover our costs and financing.


15) By law, we must charge SALES TAX unless you have a legal exemption certificate.


16) You will be invoiced at the completion of the session. The invoice will show the hours used each day, the materials used, tuning fees, shipping fees, messenger fees, outside rentals (if done through the Studio). etc., sub total, sales tax and grand total.


We are most interested in having a smooth and productive session with you. The more information that we exchange, the better the session will go. PLEASE TALK TO US.  We have been recording for over 45 years. We count on you having a successful session and returning to work with us again.


Walter Sear