There are so many people who have helped us to make our facility what it is. This is a partial list, and we hope that we have included them all.


C. Robert Fine, Fine Recording, deceased. My on-going inspiration for how good the recorded sound can be.


Nat Priest, FLUXIVITY RECORDING, for many years of friendship and advice.


Richard Matthews, LEEDS ELECTRONICS, A consistant source of vacuum tubes and parts, to help keep us going.


Frank Rodrigues at AKG ACOUSTICS. Parts, parts and parts.


Dave Peterson, ALTRAN, Great transformers and various other windings. No job too small to be a nuisance.


Wynn Morro, AVALON DESIGN, Another lover of the vacuum tube sound.


Martins Saulespurens, BLUE MICROPHONES, Designer of the best modern microphones, and a good friend.


Wes Dooley, AEA, excellent ribbon microphones That I have to keep buying.


Steven Durr, STEVEN DURR DESIGNS, stevendurrdesigns@msn. Acoustician and friend, par excellence.


Clarence. Kane, ENAK MICROPHONE REPAIR, re-ribboner of all of my ancient ribbon microphones.


John French, JRF MAGNETIC SCIENCES —————— Keeps my analog hears in shape.


Tracy Korby, KORBY AUDIO,, fixes sick microphones.


David and Evanna Manley, MANLEY LABS, friends and designers of fine vacuum tube equipment.


Joe Flowers, MARTIN SOUND —————Keeps our faders flying.


Steve Masucci, synthesizer guru 845-359-2107


Michal Jurewicz, MYTEK


Alex at Dale Pro Audio, Dale Pro Audio